At Cove we treasure tested and dependable code. We put performance first when we build applications

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With more than 10 years of experience building web applications we've been involved in a lot of different projects. We'll help you get started.

get started


We love challenging tasks. We can do anything from building brand new application to optimizing an existing project. We can also provide maintenance, add new features or implement changes. With an exisiting application we'll start by reading through the source code and make an assesment of the system.



We use a three stage deployment cycle. First we develop code locally on our machines. We then test the code by hand or use automated testing, then we publish to a staging environment for final testing. If there are any features we're unsure about we'll ask for your help to test before we deploy the code to the live environment.


Code revision

We revision all our code using git. All changes are logged in bite sized chunks and has meaningful comments for every change. This means that tracking down a bug or figuring out why a change was made is easy and can provide valuable feedback even years after the code was written.



When systems are critical to operations then good backups are essential. Nightly backups are a given and in most projects we employ database backups twice or three times a day. These are retained every day for a week, and then each month for a year. This ensures that we not only can restore lost data, but we can also track changes through time if there is a need to do so.