We build custom web applications

We've made

Bringfraktguiden for

A free plugin to integrate WooCommerce with the scandinavian shipping provider Bring. We also offer paid features such as integration of booking and choice of pick up point.


Dropp for WooCommerce

A free plugin to integrate WooCommerce with the icelandic shipping provider Dropp.


Ongoing projects

We are helping Sørlandslisten develop a custom application for ordering and processing orders for pre-cut wood casing and mouldings for doors and windows.

Wonderland Beds

We are currently working on an interactive application for manufactured beds to order for their retailers.

What we provide

app development services
App Development

We work together with you to build bespoke systems and tools that are robust and long lived. Increase your productivity by working with us

UI design services
UI Design

We design effective and intuitive digital products to improve productivity and create a better user experience

Tech stack

At Cove AS we use a reliable technology stack to ensure efficiency and scalability. We believe in keeping our development up to date and flexible, allowing our projects to adapt and thrive.
We prioritize effective app development through thoughtful coding practices. Our approach focuses on creating streamlined solutions with robust code ensuring longevity of the system and optimal efficiency.
Backend Powerhouse


Laravel, serves as our preferred backend framework, giving us the ability to build strong, scalable, and easy-to-manage server-side applications.

Real-time Interactivity

Laravel Livewire

We have integrated Laravel Livewire into our stack, bringing real-time reactivity to applications, improving user engagement and responsiveness for your site.

CSS Frameworks

Tailwind CSS

With Tailwind's utility-first approach, we achieve excellent styling, as it provides a customizable and efficient foundation for making our designs unique and effective.

Javascript Frameworks


Alpine.js is a friendly and lightweight framework designed to effortlessly bring dynamic features to your web interfaces.

Frontend Frameworks


Svelte helps us create dynamic and interactive web applications. Its intelligent and efficient features result in fast-loading, engaging websites, providing you with a great experience.

About us

With over a decade in app development, we build code that adheres to the latest standards. Our focus is on clean and strongly typed code, delivering great experiences and excellence in web development.
Wether you have an app concept or seeking customized backend solutions, we've got you. Your thoughts and feedback are crucial to us and we're here to build applications to fit your needs. We're all about crafting solutions that works and uniquely works for you.
Location: Arendal, Norway

Eivin Landa

Senior Developer

Ligaya Landa

UI Designer